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Get your job done in an ECONOMICAL way

MGO board significantly reduce installation cost. Offering savings of up to 67% on material and labour to that of traditional fire separation and party walls.

The NEWER AND BETTER choice for a wide range of fire and acoustic rated wall, ceiling and flooring system

    • Outstanding fire performance
    • Sound/noise insulation
    • Insulation against heat and cold
    • Damp proof
    • Tough & Durable (built to preform proper modelling)
    • Protected against insects
    • Simple, easy and swift construction
    • Easy to decorate, cut, bore, plane and shear
    • 100% Free of harmful substances

Independently Tested & Passed To:

  • ASTM, BS/EN & AS/NZ Standards

Independently Certified (ISO:17065), QA Audited and Compliant in:

  • Australia: CMA-CM40009,
  • New Zealand: CMA-CM40083
  • America: CMI-ER31004 & NAMI QUA2140

Tests undertaken by other global benchmark quality testing agencies:

  • SGS
  • ALS
  • QAI

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